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An audit is mandatory for some limited companies and other entities.  As Registered Auditors, we have developed the experience to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your audit.


As well as fulfilling the legal requirements, an audit from Feldman & Feldman in Watford provides invaluable information for your business.  During the course of the audit, we supply constructive feedback and recommendations enabling you to make informed judgements as to future business plans.


We would adopt the same process should you choose to have a voluntary audit.  This can be useful if you are considering selling your business within a few years or if you are seeking investment.  Banks and other potential investors may look more favourably on a set of audited accounts.


Our auditing procedure is tailored to the specific requirements of your company. This ensures you gain the maximum benefit and value for money to help you going forward.


Do you need an audit?

We provide a highly efficient accounts preparation service to enable you see the financial health of your business.